A family is a place
 where all are seen
and where different personalities exist. 
A family is also a place where all - everybody - is important!
That's why 
Botnia Hotel & Restaurant
is a family hotel! 
Carol Dahlbacka

We want to reflect a home!

Fotograf Markku Jokela
The Dahlbackas, photo: ÖT, Markku Jokela

Where are you happy? Quite a few consider the closest family to be such a place. Can a hotel and a restaurant reflect some of this ambience and safety?

We are positive about that! 

Today it is an honour for us to continue this legacy! Keep reading along about how we do it and join us in the vision!

A cosy restaurant

Do you believe that images can say more than words? We at least cannot express better, what the images below  convey – a homey ambience! Our restaurant wants to convey the central conversation atmosphere found around the kitchen table and dining hall at home.

Please step into your living room, sit down by your kitchen table and enjoy your cosy dining hall, meet new people! Please click the images to enlarge!

Not enough? Please come and experience the atmosphere yourself! Welcome!

Rooms with a personal touch

Each stay is different, since each room has something unique to offer. No room is a copy of the other. Just as family members have different taste and different personalities, our rooms also do! Please have a look at a few samples here and click on them to enlarge them!

Personalised customer service

In a family you take care of each family member. We do not belong to any hotel- or restaurant chain. That means that we also listen to what the needs of our customers in the area are. The people who visit us are to experience a sense of belonging!

A varied menu

We want to renew our menu continually. We do not do it at random. Just like a good housewife in a family finds out what is popular, we would also want to offer what you would like to have for your meals. All feedback is welcome.

What would you like to eat?

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